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Amin Wardak

I want a full time job
Chak-e Wardak, Chak-e Wardak


About Amin Wardak:


Hello this is Abdalamin from wardak Afghanistan, I have completed my bachelor's degree in political science in islamia college Peshawar 
I want to get full time and remote job.
I want to use my knowledge and experiences which i gained throughout my career by all applying these hypothesis which are not yet discovered.
This is the right program which it held thousands of people and the voice of people may be heard which are not heard yet.
Yes, as i said as a graduate student now i have more time to give you and record and give the world broadcasting


I was a video reporter with TNN in Peshawar in 2021_23 


I have completed my BS degree in political science from islamia college Peshawar.

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